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This is a warm greeting to all Enhypen fans who want to show their love to their favorite band Enhypen. The members are all young and talented. We can understand your joy for them. Thus, our designers have created many products based on their handsome image to make you walk closer to your idol. At Enhypen Store we deliver a wide range of Enhypen inspired products ranging from Enhypen Accessories, Enhypen Clothing, Enhypen Decoration, Enhypen Home & Living…Everything you want to order can be printed with Enhypen’s image. Just explore your product catalog at Enhypen Merch, and you will find your favorite.


The Pop Band – Enhypen

Ethylene is a Korean men's music band established through the talent show I-LAND.

It is composed of seven members. They are Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-ki. The band has attracted the attention of listeners who come from all over the world. They not only disclose their daily content on the channel but also are active in various realms. The fans are full of expectations for their future activities. Many fans also prefer their performance in the variety show. During the performance, the members perfectly presented the stage with a gorgeous performance.


The Studio Albums


Dimension: Dilemma is the first studio album by Enhypen. The album consists of eight tracks, including the lead single "Tamed-Dashed".


Extended Plays


Border: Carnival is the second extended play by Enhypen. Border: Carnival made its debut on the Oricon Albums Chart, becoming the band's first ranking champion in Japan. More than 83,000 copies were sold.


Border: Day One is the debut extended play by Enhypen. Border: Day One debuted at number one on the Gaon Album Chart on the chart issue dated December 5, 2020.



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Enhypen Merch - Our Mission!


At Enhypen Merch, everything we promise revolves around our mission to serve a large number of Enhypen lovers that rarely sell a wide range of products and are all licensed. Our mission is to make it as convenient as possible for the fans so that they don’t have to work for it as much as they used to. We promise that customer satisfaction always comes first, treat our customers with the utmost respect and provide the highest quality service.


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